The comic strip "I see something you don't see, or: Who sees whom here?"

was conceived and drawn by Imke Schmidt and Ka Schmitz as part of the work of the GenderKompetenzZentrum.

It deals - experimenting with drawings - with questions about the pictorial representation of diversities and power entanglements:

"Why is a stick figure automatically a stick figure? What happens when I want to ascribe to it an identity other than the 'norm'? And how does that even work?"

I see what you don't see
Comic by Imke Schmidt and Ka Schmitz,
published by the GenderKompetenzZentrum
Berlin, 2010 (17 p.)

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Booklet: 10 Years Institute for Queer Theory (iQt)

Pleasures in Complexity and Confusion

A booklet, published in 2016, introduces the work of the iQt

The iQt's work is defined by taking pleasure in complexity, confusion, and controversy. Its overarching concern is a critical reflection on both the binary order of gender as well as heterosexual dominance. Its focus is on dismantling hierarchic, exclusionary, and normalizing modes of organizing gender and sexuality, without losing sight of how different power structures interweave with (and amongst) each other.

Queer politics works within the paradoxical tension between fighting difference as a construction of inequality and fostering difference as uniqueness. The goal, however, is to promote non-hierarchic differences and to find an equally respectful and empowering way of interacting with asymmetries and the ineluctable otherness of others.

The following booklet captures the first 10 years of the Institute for Queer Theory, 2006-2016.

Lust an Komplexität und Irritation //
Pleasures of Complexity and Confusion
10 Jahre Institut für Queer Theory
10 Years Institute for Queer Theory

Antke Engel, Jule Jakob Govrin, Eva von Redecker (eds.)
Berlin, 2016 (96 pages)
Copyright: Gender/Queer e.V. (Berlin)
ISBN 978-3-00-053141-5
€ 8,- (€ 10,- incl. shipping)

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