Gaga Feminism. Rethinking Queer Anarchy

an evening with Jack Halberstam (organized by the Institute for Queer Theory)
January 27, 2013 at Silverfuture

Prize question: What do pregnant man Thomas Beatie, comic sponge Sponge Bob and pop star Lady Gaga have in common?

Whoever knows (k)one answer to this question wins participation in a conversation with Judith Jack Halberstam: The creator of "Gaga Feminism" sees the three aforementioned media figures all as harbingers of a change that will radically turn our ideas of kinship, gender and sexuality upside down. Judith Jack Halberstam and Jana G√ľnther discuss how we can accelerate this change by becoming "gaga" ourselves and what all this has to do with queer anarchy.

Moderation: Sonja Erkens (Missy Magazine)

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