You are on the internet site of Gender/Queer e.V..
We do queer and feminist projects.
In our projects, all people are treated equally.
No matter what gender they are.
No matter which country they come from.
And no matter whether they have a disability or not.

What does Gender/Queer mean


The word is pronounced: djenda. [ˈdʒɛndɐ]
Gender refers to a socially consructed role which is usually associated with ones biological sex.


This word is pronouced: kwier. ['kwɪə(ɹ)]
It means unusual, strange or weird.

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Most people think:

Gender and Sex means to be a woman or a man.

To us it means something different.

People can have many different genders. And all humans can love who and how they want to.

Gender is diverse and fluid.

Gender oes not fit into boxes.

Video in german signlanguage (DGS)


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Projects and Facilities

Gender/Queer e.V. works with different projects.
Here are some: