Gender | Queer e.V. is a platform for projects that work from a feminist-queer, anti-racist, capitalism-critical and inclusive perspective to promote social and planetary justice. Equality, inclusion, protection against discrimination and recognition of individual difference are the goal, but also the basis for action.

People are active in the association who do not see gender in the binary distinction of female or male. Transgender, intersex and non-binary bodies and identities, self-understandings and ways of life are lived reality in all their diversity. They cannot be sorted into clearly defined categories. Rather, gender is generally characterised by uniqueness and changeability. For this, it is important to create social recognition and equal opportunities for participation.

Gender/Queer e.V. also recognises many different sexual orientations and forms of desire. These do not necessarily take the form of monogamous heterosexual couples or the nuclear family. People who are active in the association criticise that this form becomes the norm and all other forms of life and love are devalued. Not only socialisation and culture, but also social institutions and processes are oriented towards heteronormativity (dominant bisexuality and heterosexuality). These conditions need to be changed so that people can love who they want and how they want. We call this feminist, non-binary and sex-positive.

People have different bodies and abilities, desires and needs, mental, emotional and physical characteristics and biographies. They enter into different forms of relationships in different ways and change this over the course of their lives. A just world has to ensure that this plurality is taken into account and can be lived out by all in an egalitarian, non-discriminatory and non-violent way. This is what we call inclusion.

We assume that inequality, domination, power and violence relations are complex and intersectional. Therefore, heteronormative gender relations and forms of desire can only be changed in interaction with the multitude of other orders of difference and in the struggle against racism, anti-Semitism, classism and rejectionism.

The association runs various facilities. It also offers space for initiatives and people who want to become active in the sense of the association's purpose and offer projects, workshops or events.

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As we are a non-profit association, we welcome donations!

Projects and Facilities

Gender/Queer e.V. works with different projects.
Here are some: