subtle? how sexuality gets racialized

The Subtle Racialization of Sexuality series

Workshop, April 23/24, 2012, TrIQ, Berlin

with Nana Adusei-Poku, Antje Barten, Zülfukar Cetin, Tülin Duman,Henriette Gunkel, Urmila Goel, Anja Michaelsen, Thoralf Mosel, Saideh Saadat-Lendle, Leticia Sabsay.

How is sexuality deployed for political ends? … in official state politics, in the media, in activism? Do political struggles acknowledge intersections between homo- and transphobia, able-bodiedness, and racism? Is “subtle” racialization a euphemism, or does it allow us to point out particular forms of dis/articulating racism? The workshop explores in more depth the discussions initiated by the lecture series „“The Subtle Racialization of Sexuality“ through activating knowledge and experiences from activism and project work.


· Political self-definition and solidarity in postcolonial times and places

· Queering kinship

· The (neo)liberal promise

· Redefining and redesigning publics

In cooperation with Gladt e.V.


Funded by hannchen mehrzweck stiftung