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Here we present the association Gender /Queer e.V..

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Gender/Queer e.V. does different things.

You can find the different things on the page Activities.

Among other things those are events, projects and publications.


Gender/Queer e.V. makes events. Events take place once.
Gender/Queer also does projects. Projects last for a longer time.
And Gender/Queer publishes: brochures, comics, books, radio-padcasts and videos.

Events, projects and publications are activities of the association.

The activities are feminist and queer.
That means: they are for the equality of all genders: of trans* and inter* people and women* and men* and those who don't want a gender for themselves.

Activities are inlcusive

This means: People with and without disabilities should live well together. Peacefully, respectfully and justly.

The activities are anti-racist.
This means: It is wrong that some people are treated worse than others. Because of their origin, their appearance, their language or their religion.

The activities are anti-capitalist.
That means they are against classes and unjust economy.

The activities are for all genders and sexual orientations.
They are sex-positive projects

And all this at the same time!
All this at the same time means in heavy language: intersectional.


Gender/Queer e.V. also operates two facilities. Facilities are permanent groups with their own name. They are called: iQt and Zsimt. Below are links with more info.

At Gender Queer, all groups currently work in difficult language.
Often also in English.

New groups can be founded.

The groups can work in simple or difficult language.

Just as they like.

Institute for queer theory

At the institute, research is conducted on gender and sexuality. There is political discussion. There are public events. The events are about queer - related to science, to further education, to activism or art.

to the Project iQt

IDJ - Intersectional Disability Justice (formerly Zsimt - Center for Social Inclusion, Migration and Participation)

IDJ offers education and consulting for people and organizations. We help authorities, universities, companies and associations. Our goal is to make all citizens, customers, students and employees feel welcome and comfortable.

to the Project IDJ (ex-Zsimt Berlin)


Gender Queer e.V. is an association.

An association is a union of people who do something together.

They pursue a purpose together.

If this purpose is useful for society, it is called "non-profit".

You can become a member.

Read more on the page Join in.

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Our association is recognized by the state as a non-profit organization.

You can donate money.

You do not have to pay taxes on this money.

To the Donations page

Gender/Queer e.V. is registered as a charitable organisation at Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg under the number: VR 31004 B

Donations qualify for tax refund. Please donate now. Thanx!

Gender/Queer e.V.
Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin (DKB)
IBAN: DE02 1203 0000 1020 0381 29
DKB AG, 10010 Berlin

In 2021 and 2022 Gender/Queer e.V. recieved funding by LGBTI-Inclusion Fonds of the city of Berlin for fostering accesibility.